What are you telling Yourself – at this and every moment? What internal thoughts are holding you back, causing Doubt and Fear – keeping you from becoming a Better You?

Mirror Motivations will Help You overcome the limiting thoughts and create a better, more effective you – in front of your bathroom mirror.

Every day you stand in front of your bathroom mirror – Morning & Night. Mirror Motivations turn these “daily routine” moments into motivational opportunities. Opportunities to Change the Negative and Fear within you. Opportunities to transform paralyzing behaviors. Opportunities to focus on whats important in your life. Opportunities to create a “Better You” and a “Better Life.”

In the Morning – with Mirror Prompts

The brief Mirror Motivation activities encourage you to think, interact and engage. During your day, you will think about your morning answers and if you are that person.

Each morning, the Mirror Motivations Kit guides you on a personal journey of self-discovery and improvement. The first 25 to 30 days focus on self-reflection and personal discovery. Each day, you place a mirror prompt on your bathroom mirror and complete a short activity by writing on your mirror! The short activities help you to Identify Who You Are, Who You Want to Be, Why you Want More from Life, Moments of Personal Power, Identifying and Eliminating Negative Behaviors and Creating Positive Behaviors.

During the first 25 to 30 days, you WILL experience a completely new you! You will know what you want, how to get it, ways to easily push through the negative thoughts  using your positive accomplishments and you will have a new excitement for yourself and the challenges to come.

After the first 25 to 30 days, Mirror Motivations helps you continue moving forward with mirror prompts specific to your needs: Daily Goals, Reminders, Problem Solving, Spiritual Thoughts, Helping Others, Appreciating Life, Connecting with Others and much more.

Mirror Motivations is designed to work 365 days of the year!


At Night – with the Daily Notes Journal

Each night, you will use the handsome Mirror Motivations Journal to reflect on your day, reinforce growth lessons and complete additional short exercises to keep growing.

Mirror Motivations nightly exercises always ask Why? You will dig much deeper into your morning responses and day thoughts as you respond to complete the journal questions.  Mirror Motivations activities will also encourage you to visualize, explore and practice life-changing behavior techniques.

Finally, Mirror Motivations gets you thinking about tomorrow. This allows your sub-conscious to get a head start.

Mirror Motivations engages you in the morning, during the day and at night with very short activities that awaken a new you.



Mirror Motivations – Is Different

Mirror Motivations is unlike any other motivational or personal growth tool you have heard of or experienced. Mirror Motivations uses your bathroom mirror. Mirror Motivations is divided into brief activities that you perform in the morning, at night and think about during the day. Mirror Motivations is active and interactive. Mirror Motivations prepares you for success and then supports you all year long!

The Mirror Motivations Kit comes with a high-quality journal, journal filler pages, mirror prompts, mirror writing marker, instruction guide and a letter from the author.



The Power of People

We are Social Beings!

Our family, our friends and many others influence and have a dramatic impact on actions, reactions and our feelings. They influence our habits, our needs, out desires, our values, our work ethic, our expectations of self and our expectations of others. Surrounding yourself with empowering people is the single greatest determinate of success – on average.

You are STRONGLY Encouraged to Perform
Mirror Motivations with a Friend
You Gain Additional Support and Accountability