Every day you stand before your bathroom mirror – Morning & Night. Mirror Motivation turns these “daily routine” moments into opportunities. Opportunities to appreciate where you are. Opportunities to transform paralyzing behaviors. Opportunities to get focused today. Opportunities to be motivated about what YOU can create tomorrow.

In the Morning – with Mirror Prompts

Each morning, Mirror Motivations encourages you to see and express the positive aspects of your life. Mirror Motivations also provides support as you make daily progress towards new personal growth.

The power of Mirror Motivations is in the Daily interactions with the Mirror Motivations Aids. You place movable mirror prompts on your mirror according to the specific day of use. You respond to the mirror prompts (using the non-staining mirror marker) with single words or short phrases.

At Night – with the Daily Notes Journal

Each night, you will use the unique daily notes journal to respond to questions and complete exercises. This step is very important because it allows you to track your journey of personal growth and accomplishments – Daily and reach a deeper understand of self.

Motivation Areas – Core Components

Mirror Motivations is divided into two key areas: Developing Your Higher Self and Executing Daily Actions.

Developing Your Higher Self – Focuses on identifying bad behaviors and expectations that crush personal progress and cause you to doubt and even fear growth. This area will take approximately 25 days.

Executing Daily Actions – Helps you Achieve More out of daily life. Appreciating what you have, helping others, setting daily goals, identifying important reminders and surrounding yourself with empowering people – are some of the key daily components to refocus your life and move you towards the happiness you seek. This is an ongoing tool.


The Power of People

We are Social Beings!

Our family, our friends and many others influence and have a dramatic impact on actions, reactions and our feelings. They influence our habits, our needs, out desires, our values, our work ethic, our expectations of self and our expectations of others. Surrounding yourself with empowering people is the single greatest determinate of success – on average.

You are STRONGLY Encouraged to Perform
Mirror Motivations with a Friend
Your Gain Additional Support and Accountability